Love exists, but with an absence of eternity. At the first moment of a lover’s encounter, there’s an affirmation of love. Psychologically. Lunacy. Emptiness. Panic. -- The delusion that the moment will last forever. I’m seized by desire. I hide behind my back – and postpone all answers.

be the light-

46/100 moments where Kim Kibum is the epitome of perfection.

Central and South America photo diary by Key

"Isn’t our greatest charm that of being able to show many different sides of us? Showing everyone how we look like as we grow up gradually, that will allow everyone to know that we can do many different things.

You can not appreciate the beauty of the sky at night without these five shining lights.

                                     - Onew

the abc’s of Kim Kibum
↳ Z is for Zzz



from SRS to LOL in 2 blinks

The squishy face can’t be tamed
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