Love exists, but with an absence of eternity. At the first moment of a lover’s encounter, there’s an affirmation of love. Psychologically. Lunacy. Emptiness. Panic. -- The delusion that the moment will last forever. I’m seized by desire. I hide behind my back – and postpone all answers.

be the light-

New Giveaway!



In honor of Infinite’s comeback, ‘Be Back’ we will be hosting our very first giveaway! Just follow these simple rules to get the chance to win Infinite’s new repackaged album ‘Be Back’! 


  1. Must be following our tumblr account and one other account of ours: Vine, Instagram, or Twitter
  2. Option One: Submit your own fanart to us~ We all absolutely love fanart~ All you have to do is submit your art to us on our tumblr account or via twitter and instagram. The art has to be of Infinite as it is a giveaway to honor their comeback. 
  3. Option Two: Submit a video of yourself doing one of two options:                                                                                                                       1.) Do your very best impression of one of the Infinite members. It being you singing, dancing, or an actual impression.                             2.) Do something humorous to show your love for Infinite. We all love to laugh, so do your very best if you choose this! 
  4. Reblog this post

Video submissions can be submitted to our tumblr or post them to Instagram or Vine. If you choose to do instagram/vine please use the tag #KPopCode1stGiveaway. (If using instagram and you’re more of a shy person, you can always directly send us the video) 

GIVEAWAY ENDS AUGUST 6TH! All submissions must be sent to us by Midnight August 6th, and we’ll choose the winner once we review all the submissions. We will notify the winner by the social media they chose to use. 

Good luck to everyone~ 

(Open to everyone around the world)

Check our giveaway page on tumblr for more giveaways to come

39/100 photos of Nana

taemin annoying the noona with his awesome counting in english

Bad boy series; Jonghyun

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